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  It is closely related to the landscape. Historically, it exists in the environment as a decoration. This tradition still exists even in modern society. Compared with other types of environment, it plays an important role in the living environment. Its form, location and quantity play an important role in the construction of the whole residential environment. Because residential area is different from other types of environment, it pays more attention to create a place where people are willing to communicate and full of vitality. Therefore, urban landscape also plays an important role, in line with this theme.
  It is a small living environment decoration, but it does not exist as a separate decoration. It should provide people with an open mind, watch with them, and communicate with those who use it. At this point, it becomes a prop. Its purpose is to let the groups it serves find common ground and communicate with each other in the process of using, not just as an independent person of the external "landscape".
  At the same time, it enriches the cultural exchange and passion of stainless steel sculpture and forms a vibrant social life. As long as there are human beings, human activities always attract others in entertainment places such as buildings, residential areas, urban centers, etc. People who are attracted to others will gather around them, and new activities will sprout again, so people are always willing to go to places where things happen. For example, if there are two ways to choose, one is desolate, the other is dynamic, so in most cases, most people will choose the latter, that is to say, the urban space of the best scenic spot for people, which has important guiding significance. The design of living environment, that is to say, the design to be considered in the design is to create a dynamic environment "field", "Field" not only refers to itself, but also makes the surrounding space and space, and also refers to the intangible space formed between different concrete pouring.
  In order to improve the vitality of the living environment, the most important thing is to encourage most people to participate in it, look, touch, listen, use it creatively with their imagination, and use it to promote communication and participation between people. Therefore, we should carefully consider the choice of the theme. Because the living environment is different from other types of environment in its "shape" warm and friendly atmosphere, obviously different from the business environment in terms of noise, bright office environment, dignity of government buildings, etc., it must express concern and love based on familiar themes, Let people use "be willing to say, have something to say, or even have to say" in the process of creating the subject. Children are the best example. We often see children climb up and down, often regarded as "big toys" by them.
  On the other hand, residential environment can be divided into four levels: private space, semi private space, semi public space and public space. Among them, private space generally refers to the indoor space of the house and the balcony, platform and courtyard of the house. The semi private space of sculpture factory generally refers to the residential quadrangle space surrounded by residential quarters, which belongs to the residential quadrangle space surrounded by residential quadrangles. Semi public space 1 generally refers to the community, residential area or outer space of the residential area jointly owned by the residents of the residential area. Public space generally refers to the residential area or outer space of a city. Based on the above spatial analysis, in the design, different spatial types should have different tables in the choice of technology, scale and theme.
  The skeleton of architectural sculpture is usually composed of wood, iron wire, steel bar, iron nail, etc. Clay skeleton is the support and connection of human skeleton. This is the basic condition of clay sculpture, which cannot be ignored.
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